Filter Elements & EM Product Replacement

Westwood Equipment is a manufacturer of high-quality industrial air filters, including the proven and efficient EM PRODUCTS filters. We purchased the Air Filtration Division of EM PRODUCTS and have been manufacturing these proven EM PRODUCTS design concepts for several years.

We manufacture EM Product Filter Elements and sell replacement filters separately or as part of one of our product lines. We offer a full line of Replacement Air Filter Elements for blowers, compressors and other industrial applications.  We provide replacement elements for Solberg, Universal, Stoddard and many other manufactures. Determining the correct Filter Element for your application is sometimes difficult to determine because of the many variables: climate, contaminant, size and cost. In most cases the least expensive intake filter element to buy may becomes the most expensive to maintain or even worse, cause a catastrophic failure of the equipment it was intended to protect. Read more about filtration and Filter Element selection.

Westwood Equipment manufactures three types of Filter Elements: Paper, Felt & Wire Mesh. To determine EM Product replacement filters, use our EM Products Cross Reference TableWe’d be happy to help you with your Filter Element selection.

Paper Filter Elements


  • Heavy duty industrial strength pleated paper
  • 99%+ efficient at 2 microns
  • Plastisol endcaps
  • Reinforced with galvanized expanded metal


Felt Filter Elements


  • Pleated polyester felt media
  • 99% efficient at 10 microns
  • High temperature plastisol endcaps
  • Polyester media reinforced with coated steel wire


Wire Mesh Filter Elements


  • Wire mesh media is not a very effective filter media
  • 90% efficient at 10 microns
  • Endcaps made of self-gasketing, oil and gas resistant vinyl (no gaskets required)
  • Used when filtration of large particles is required

View/print Filter Element / EM Products Cross Reference Table

View/print Filter Elements Specifications & Maintenance (pdf doc)

Note: Pricing on Panel Filter Elements is available upon request.