Industrial Air Intake Filter Products

Westwood Equipment is a manufacturer of high-quality industrial air filters, including the proven and efficient EM PRODUCTS filters. We purchased the Air Filtration Division of EM PRODUCTS and have been manufacturing these proven EM PRODUCTS design concepts for several years. Our products are primarily designed for industrial blowers, compressors and other rotating machinery.

Westwood Equipment offers three product lines, EMO Air Intake Filter Series, EMF Air Intake Filter Series, and EMS Air Intake Filter Series, each with metal housings for specific applications. Within each of our product lines, multiple Filter Elements are available. Selection of the proper product and intake filter element is sometimes difficult because of the many variables: climate, contaminant, size and cost. In most cases the least expensive intake filter element to buy may becomes the most expensive to maintain or even worse, cause a catastrophic failure of the equipment it was intended to protect. Read more about filtration and Filter Element selection.

Proper product and filter selection must be based upon the combination of economics and need. That is why Westwood Equipment recommends careful analysis of both the economics of original Filter Element cost and on-going maintenance cost balanced with the level of filtration required. Let us help you with your next application design.

Our Product Lines

  • EMO Series Air Intake Filters are primarily designed for indoor applications where a high degree of filtration is required. The rugged construction makes it an ideal candidate for almost any indoor industrial air moving equipment requiring filtered air.

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  • EMF Series Air Intake Filters are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications where a high degree of filtration is required. The compact size and design allows easy Filter Element access and reduces maintenance time during replacement.

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  • EMS Series Air Intake Filters/Silencers are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications requiring 6-8 dB noise reduction and a high degree of filtration. The unique heavy gauge construction reduces noise transmission and enhances durability in even the most severe environments.

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